Lottosend Explains How Players Can Boost Their Chances to Win the $348 Million MegaMillions Jackpot

Mega Millions Online

For two and a half years, the title of the biggest jackpot in the history of the US lotteries belonged to Powerball. It did not take long and MegaMillions jackpot stands as the biggest jackpot at $1.6 billion still waiting to be won. The world has its eyes on the jackpot not only because everyone wants to see who will be the winner of this billion dollar jackpot but because many people want to take a shot at winning the jackpot themselves. Lottosend, one of the safest and most popular online platforms for buying lottery tickets, has issued some tips for the players to boost their chances of winning one of the biggest jackpots in the world today. 

Lottosend’s Advice on Boosting Chances of Winning the MegaMillions Jackpot 

Playing Multiple Lines 

The most straightforward and plain way for any player to increase their chances of winning a lottery is to buy more tickets. In a lottery, the player is fighting against the odds and buying more tickets is a way to reduce the number of those odds. However, buying more tickets is easier said than done. Each additional line that a player selects on the play slip adds to the bill. Playing multiple lines can easily go out of the budget for international players who already have to pay a few bucks extra on every ticket. However, Lottosend has made some arrangements for these players to allow them to buy more tickets without breaking the bank. 

The website has cashback and deposit promotions that players can take advantage of to bring their bills down. Cashbacks return 100% of the money that a player spends on buying the ticket back into his/her account. Deposit bonuses are available as soon as the player funds his/her account. The extra cash helps the player buy extra tickets and thus increases the chances of winning the MegaMillions jackpot. 

Opting for Syndicate Play 

Syndicate play is a great tactic that many experience lottery players use all around the world. In their minds, they are willing to share the winnings with other players if that increases their chances of winning. And of course, that’s what syndicate play is all about. Multiple players form a group to take part in the lottery with the promise that they will share the prize equally among each other. The lottery websites have their system to justly distribute the funds as well. 

When there is a group playing the lottery, they are playing lots of lines at the same time. In a group of 100 members, there will be 100 lines consisting of unique number combinations. If any one of those lines match the drawn results, every person in the group is a winner. The prize money goes equally to every group member. Lottosend has a sharing system in its syndicate player wherein people can buy as many shares as they want to keep the winnings within their group. Yes, no one will become a billionaire even if the prize is $1.6 billion because of the distribution. However, everyone in the group will go home a millionaire if the syndicate end up winning. 

Choosing Numbers Wisely 

Lottosend wants to encourage its international players to be active on the internet to follow the results of the draws. Players should always stay up to date with what’s going on in the lottery world. They should always write down the winning numbers on every draw even if they have not won anything. Collecting these numbers allows them to do some research and analysis of the winning numbers. After some time, they can look at these numbers and notice the patterns. If a certain number has appeared in the results several times, they can mark it as the hot number. For numbers that don’t appear frequently, the players can mark them as cold numbers. 

In the end, the players would want to select the hot numbers when they mark their play slips. In addition to that, the players should realize that the results are easily available on Lottosend website. In fact, the players can open the past archived results as well so they can do a more detailed analysis of the best numbers. To make it easy, they can use an online number generator that picks only the most frequently appearing numbers based on the past results. In this case, the players don’t have to do any hard work. The software uses intelligent designed algorithms to produce random numbers that are likely to match the jackpot number. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes 

MegaMillions players should also avoid certain mistakes that reduce their chances of winning. The best way to choose the numbers is to do the needed research and pick the hottest numbers. Conversely, many new players like to draw patterns on their play slips and pick numbers that can seem too easy to be random. For example, players will go with a number like 10 – 10 – 20 – 20 – 30 – 30 or something similar. A look at the past results makes it clear that such numbers have never appeared in the past. Not to mention, the numbers are picked randomly, so the chances of such straight patterns to be drawn are very thin. 

Furthermore, some people believe that quick picks don’t work whereas many winner stories in the past show that a lot of those winners had picked their numbers using the quick pick option. In short, people should keep emotions out of the play. 

Last Day of Purchasing Tickets on Lottosend 

Before the upcoming draw takes place on Friday and someone walks away with $348 Million, it is now the last day for international players to take part in the lottery and buy their tickets. Lottosend is still offering the same discounts on ticket purchase and fund deposits. As a result, players can purchase more tickets and fight strongly against the odds to become the next billionaire in the world. While MegaMillions jackpot starts at $40 million and rolls over with time, it is very rare for it to get as big as this. In fact, it’s the first time it has crossed the billion mark. If there is a right time to play a lottery, that time is right now.