That Extra Income Is Not Impossible – This Stratton Markets Review Will Show Why

Stratton Markets Review

Stratton Markets Review

People want happiness in their lives and there is nothing more pleasing than being financially sound. When you want to open that extra stream of income, you have to look for permanent ways of earnings. That’s where trading comes in. If you like to take risks with your money, trading in various financial markets might be the right thing for you to do. And while it involves risks just like any other format of investment, trading can yield huge returns as well. While looking for a reliable broker for online trading, here is some useful information on Stratton Markets. 

An Overview of Stratton Markets

A Cyprus Investment Firm, namely F1Markets Limited, operates Stratton Markets website. One of the first thing you will notice about this broker is that they are quite honest in telling traders what trading is all about. They are not shy to express that trading in financial markets can be extremely dangerous. In fact, on one instance on the website, they warn the traders that they can lose all their money. That’s quite brave from a website that’s built for the purpose of trading. Stratton Markets’ website is average, but you can tell they are trying to focus on other important things that traders value. 

The Best Features of Stratton Markets

They might not impress you with their website, but the financial instruments they have available for trade are many. You can choose from Forex, Indices, Stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Yes, it is one of the few brokers that allow you to trade blockchain CFDs. They have four different account types to choose from. That’s a good thing because it shows that they want traders on a budget to benefit from trading as well. Their website is quite informative. Right on the home page of the website, they also boast their training material. 

So, if you are someone new to trading, you should definitely benefit from their educational material so you can step in the trading world safely. 

Biggest Benefits of Stratton Markets

There are a lot of benefits for trading with Stratton Markets. First, you get to choose from a variety of trading platforms. You have the all-time famous MT4 for the best experience of trading. However, they have their own trading platform called Web Trader as well. If you are often switching between devices, Stratton Markets will be the perfect choice for you. They have their application available on smartphones and the desktop software version is there too. You can use their application to trade from any corner of the world.

As stated earlier, Stratton Markets has a lot of educational material available for new traders as well. They have a Forex ebook that can help anyone start with forex trading. In addition to that, they have designed a course specifically for new traders. It might come as a surprise for you but a huge benefit of trading with Stratton Markets is that you don’t have a lot of promotions and luring advertisement on the website. You have four different types of accounts to choose from. The most basic account, as you can already guess is called basic account. The biggest drawback of this account is that it does not include risk management. 

The problem with welcome bonuses and various other promotions is that they can often be too luring for new traders. They then make huge trades and end up with huge losses as well. For example, there are brokers that offer a leverage of 1:1000. Now, on the surface, it looks like a huge benefit, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you lose a trade with that leverage, you are losing a lot of money. Stratton Markets does not advertise and promote anything like that to make people trade out of emotions. 

Deposit and Withdrawal with Stratton Markets

Like most other online brokers, you have the option to deposit money using bank transfer, online payments, and credit cards. When it comes to online payments, you can only use Neteller and Skrill right now. The best thing about depositing funds in your Stratton Markets account is that you can fund it using Euro, British Pound, and the US Dollar. There is a minimum deposit of 250. We have not used any currency symbol with that figure because that’s a fixed minimum deposit for anyone depositing money from any country using any currency. 

One noticeable thing here is that other than the bank wire transfer, you can only deposit $40,000 in your account. Only the wire transfer lets you transfer up to $400,000 in your online account. Withdrawing your money from Stratton Markets account is similar to depositing it in terms of the options you can use. Just like deposits, you can withdraw using the three big currencies as well i.e. GBP, USD and Euro. 

Stratton Markets Customer Service

They have three ways for their traders to contact them. Once you become a trader, you can call them, email them and chat with them. The good thing is that regardless of the account you choose, you will get a support guy who will be listening to your queries and answering them. They also send you daily updates to help you make successful trades. In addition to that, you have loads of information available on the website to help you with the most frequently asked questions. 

Overall Rating of Stratton Markets

The four important components of a successful online broker are as follows with their ratings. 

Trading Instruments – 9/10

Withdrawals/deposits – 8/10

Customer Support – 7/10

Mobile Trading – 8/10

Overall Rating 8/10


You have to realize that Stratton Markets is trying to change something that has existed for many years. The problem is that not a lot of brokers are brave enough to talk about risk and money loss to their traders. Stratton Markets is setting up a good platform for those who want to trade. With several warnings right on the website, it keeps reminding the new traders that they don’t have to take their trading decisions based on their emotions.