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That Extra Income Is Not Impossible – This Stratton Markets Review Will Show Why

Stratton Markets Review

Stratton Markets Review

People want happiness in their lives and there is nothing more pleasing than being financially sound. When you want to open that extra stream of income, you have to look for permanent ways of earnings. That’s where trading comes in. If you like to take risks with your money, trading in various financial markets might be the right thing for you to do. And while it involves risks just like any other format of investment, trading can yield huge returns as well. While looking for a reliable broker for online trading, here is some useful information on Stratton Markets. 

Benefits and Future of Investing In Digital Currency on


Digital currency or electronic currency is a kind of currency available only in digital and not in physical form. It can be transferred instantly to any person, organization or a company with the help of computers, smartphones or the internet in any part of the world. In the last five years, digital currency has gained popularity and it seems to become even more significant in the next few coming years, due to the benefits it offers to the users all over the world. 

ESMA To Renew Prohibition on Binary Options For a Further 3 Months

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has agreed to renew the prohibition of the marketing, distribution or sale of binary options to retail clients, in effect since 2 July, from 2 October 2018 for a further three-month period. ESMA has also agreed on the exclusion of a limited number of products from the scope of the measure.

Fintech vs Traditional Banking - Disruptions in the Banking Sector

Fintech services flows away cash from traditional banking channels
Fintech services flows away cash from traditional banking channels
There have been plenty of scandals and controversies in the banking sector and this has been the reason why a large number of people have lost their confidence in the traditional banking system. Just when such problems are arising, Financial Technology (Fintech) is making its way into the market and is rapidly gaining a strong foothold within the industry. As a matter of fact, its widespread adoption has caused people to claim that it is one of the biggest disruptors for the traditional banking systems in recent times. Over the years, traditional banks did try to adopt certain technologies such as e-statements and mobile banking, but customer expectations are also changing. 

State AGs to Fintech Companies: Eyes on Cryptocurrencies

This article was posted July 31st 2018 by Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP on We write frequently about the SEC’s and the CFTC’s focus on cryptocurrencies, but potential issuers should also be alert to other oversight, including possible enforcement actions, from other regulators as well. Indeed, state Attorneys General are playing a greater role in evaluating whether the mining and use of cryptocurrencies works to the disadvantage of consumers and small businesses. These state enforcement and regulatory officials are becoming ever more powerful. Furthermore, some of them may seek to expand the scope of their authority by pushing the “round peg” of “virtual” financial technology offerings into the “square hole” of outdated “physical only” state statutes and rules.