600,000 Content Creators Have Registered on Brave So far: 17% Growth Witnessed in the last 30 Days

Brave Browser (BAT Tokens)

Brave Browser (BAT Tokens)

The open-source web browser Brave is growing rapidly as the blockchain community welcomes it warmly. The content creators, registered on the site, are growing exponentially with a 17% growth in registered creators witness in just one month. 

RoyalStox Review: RoyalStox Is a New and Upcoming Online Broker For All Traders


RoyalStox Review

As a trader it is very important to determine who is the most suitable online stock broker. The number of online brokers is growing very fast offering an incredible variety of services and it is such a great thing because it enables the investor to be extremely selective in choosing which online broker is the best for him. This is tremendously helpful as every investor employs different trading strategies and investment style, and it can be really easy to find the broker that fits their needs. 

Things You Need to Check for A Good CFD Trading System


The term CFD stands for Contract for Difference, it is a type of derivative used for 2 different parties i.e. seller and buyer. It is used during a trading time wherein the seller has to pay the difference value to the buyer of assets during the time of the contract made. Here the difference i.e. loss (negative) difference is also paid to the seller.