Don’t Let Yourself Fall Prey to ApexTrade Options Scam

ApexTrade Options Scam

ApexTrade Options Scam

While the online trading has provided the consumers the ease of doing trading within the confines of their houses, however, there are various threats to the safety of your funds because there are wolves in sheep skin who want to make you penniless through committing frauds. Alarmingly, these scam artists are not handful. In fact there are millions of people all over the world who are part of this heinous crime. They loot the money of the innocents without leaving any clue for them which has resulted in losses of billions of dollars every year. 

Online trading and risks of getting scammed 

With the ever-growing demand in the use of internet, online trading is at its peak and so as these scam artists. They have developed phony websites with the purpose of defrauding the masses. They pretend to be your well-wishers and commit with you to take you on a journey of global trading in which you can pour in small investments and earn high profit. One such notorious website goes by the name “ApexTrade Options” which is carrying out illegal activities by enticing people to join them and be a part of cryptocurrency trading system. In actual fact they are the big time scammers so you should be careful about ApexTrade Options Scam. 

Real face of ApexTrade Options Scam 

ApexTrade Options Scam portrays itself as a source of providing access to trading platform to the investors who can then explore over 20 investments coupled with high return on investment. For a clever man such commitments will certainly look clumsy and quite absurd. However, ApexTrade Options Scam has been out there and still operating and implementing its illegal schemes. 

Cryptocurrency and fraudsters 

Let us dig deep and see how ApexTrade Options Scam works. When the Bitcoin was successfully launched in the year 2009, thousands of people all over the world started investing in it and were able to make huge profits overnight. Similarly, when the Bitcoin was at its peak in December 2017 and was sold for US$20 thousand per coin, many Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects were launched out of which 95% were spoof and only scams. Surprisingly to many they looked authentic but in reality and the whitepapers were copied from other projects, hence ApexTrade is also doing the same so beware of ApexTrade Options Scam. 

Why Bitcoin is more prone to be scammed 

The question then arises why cryptocurrency? This is because it is a digital currency which is decentralized in nature and the concept of understanding it is still quite confusing and complex for many and this is why these perpetrators take benefit of you lack of knowledge. The trading in cryptocurrency involves potentially high risks and there are instances where people have lost 100% of their investment as a result of one bad decision. ApexTrade Options is a non-licensed offshore company which makes it unsafe for you to invest any funds in cryptocurrency trading so be careful about ApexTrade Options Scam. 

Phony website 

If you may encounter a visit to ApexTrade Options Scam website you will notice that it has very carefully designed the website to look catchy which is backed by false promises of making you understand everything about investment and how you can make huge profits in terms of earning high return on investment. It provides mining cryptocurrency software and so-called investment opportunities to the investors so as to commit fraud on innocent people. If you thoroughly browse through the contents of the website relating to ApexTrade Options Scam you will notice that there is a lot to be doubtful such as various tabs are there but don’t work. 

Ill-motivated agenda 

The only tabs which are working perfectly are the “Sign Up” and “Login” tabs. Once you are at the Sign up page you will find out that they need you to fill out personal information in order to become a member of its website. When you join the website, they will then ask you to be a part of an activity which is neither there nor ever existed. It is only then that it tries to scam you by offering you to deposit your Bitcoins to fund your ApexTrade Account and tells a lie about that since the funds are available in your trading account you will be able to execute transactions robustly as well as instantly. The need of funded account is the pre-requisite condition for signing up with ApexTrade. Doesn’t it look absurd? Quite frankly yes. So be aware of ApexTrade Options Scam otherwise, like many, you will be left penniless. 

Act wisely and report 

There is no denying the fact that there are millions of people who have been scammed and left to face miserable life because every single penny of them has been stolen from them through scams. So if you encounter any such scam artist like the ApexTrade Options Scam you should report it. One way of reporting is report the scam website at In this way while you will save yourself, you will be ensuring that others may be able to avoid being scammed through ApexTrade Options. In case you have been defrauded then this is the website which can help you in getting your money back from these fraudsters. 

Final Thoughts 

No wonder that trading in cryptocurrency has the potential of earning huge profits but at the same time it is full of risks which are associated with the bad decision of investment and getting scammed by someone. It is always recommended that you should establish relationship with only those who are lawfully authorized to take part in cryptocurrency trading business. Most importantly, you should make yourself fully educated in terms of determining the difference between a scam artist and a legitimate person otherwise the chances of you losing your money are high. With the help of little bit knowledge and use of common sense in principal, you will be able to protect yourself from being scammed otherwise the cryptocurrency trading industry is full of fake ICOs which are considered less investment friendly and can lead to fraud and manipulation.