RoyalStox Review: RoyalStox Is a New and Upcoming Online Broker For All Traders


RoyalStox Review

As a trader it is very important to determine who is the most suitable online stock broker. The number of online brokers is growing very fast offering an incredible variety of services and it is such a great thing because it enables the investor to be extremely selective in choosing which online broker is the best for him. This is tremendously helpful as every investor employs different trading strategies and investment style, and it can be really easy to find the broker that fits their needs. 

RoyalStox is one of the best brokers of 2020. The broker offers to investors the best tools, trading platform, research, support and the best trading conditions worldwide.

Let’s see what RoyalStox offers to investors and why is considered to be one of the best online brokers.

An Introduction To RoyalStox Brokerage

RoyalStox brokerage has quite a lot of experience and this experience provides much needed value to its traders in multiple areas of investing. This fact is obvious if you look at how fast its number of traders on the platform increased in a very short span of time.

RoyalStox broker has thousands of investors trading on its platform at any moment throughout the world in more than 60 countries. These traders picked this broker for the reason that it operates with the most rigorous policies in order to make its trading platform the most safe and secure. Reliability and safety are fundamental features for investors who want to join an online brokers trading platform. 

The broker we are reviewing today has implemented anti-money laundering policies in order to stop the practice of generating money through illegal actions (such as opening an account on the broker’s website with the intention of laundering money). 

Moreover, this broker has KYC policies for the purpose of identifying data of its traders when they sign up on their website. The implementation of these policies is aimed at ensuring the safety and security of the platform for the traders.

RoyalStox Provides The Best Trading Conditions

RoyalStox was established on the promise to offer the easiest trading conditions to all it’s traders. Today too many online brokers focus their attention on making their money impeding investors to achieve successful trades. As a trader, one of the most essential things that you should take into consideration is how much you are going to pay your broker when you start trading. 

Everyone knows that the broker will charge you an amount of money for the services he provides. There are some brokers that have a commission pattern which means that on every trade you make you have to pay some commission, others use a fixed spread and still others go with a commission based on a percentage of the spread. 

RoyalStox broker is committed to provide to its investors the most efficient and reliable trading conditions. It is very easy to sign up with RoyalStox and make your trades because this broker assures you that it will not charge you any type of commission. The only thing thats matters is to always watch carefully for the spreads as the buying price is going to be different from the selling price of the assets. 

This broker has gone out of its way to keep the spreads regularly low and if you are a new trader you would love to start your trade with a basic account. If you choose this type of basic account you will be charged fixed spreads. This option will give you the possibility to keep your eyes open for the spreads no matter what type of trades you want to enter. 

Besides these low and tight spreads, you can also get some big leverages regardless of the type of asset you go with for trading. What really makes online brokers so appealing to traders is leveraged trading. 

You can enjoy now leverages of up to 1:100 starting with a basic account, picking up assets like stock, cash and cash equivalents, inventory, PPE (Property, Plant and Equipment), etc. When your broker gives you leverage you are able to control humongous trades only with a minimum amount of money in your account. 

Leverages work in the form of contribution offered by your broker. Every dollar that you pay for your trade your broker will be willing to spend 50, 100 or 200 dollars. The great advantage of leverages is that you have the control over big trades regardless of whether you have a minimum deposit in your account. If you choose an advanced account type you can achieve leverages of up to 1:200 depending on the type of asset you trade. You won’t get such big leverage from any online broker. 

GRoyalStox offers a variety of assets for trading

Trading assets of your choice with your broker is the next important step because now it’s the time to execute what you have decided. First of all you have to know what assets you want to trade and also how many you will be able to trade with your broker. It will be much easier to trade as many assets as possible because you have the chance to choose from a variety of assets and trade the ones that you think are less risky. 

There is a wide variety of assets that RoyalStox broker put at its traders disposal because as a trader you would like to experience some diversity. Generally, traders think to invest their money in various markets and they want to use efficient hedging strategies in order to reduce market risk. 

It’s incredible how fast market conditions are changing and basically this speaks to the need to have continuously growth. Every trader who starts a business he will want to spend money in places where he will have gain from his trades. If you sign in with RoyalStox you have now the opportunity to enter five different asset classes and moreover you can also trade supplementary categories of assets.

The easiest way to get started your trading is to invest in commodities such as soft commodities, energies or metals. What is very simple is that you can find the best currency pairs around the globe in the forex section. Another alternative would be to trade the stocks of the most important companies worldwide in the stocks section. In addition to it is extremely important to remember that you will be trading the assets of your choice in the CFD file format.

Another thing that matters to traders is that RoyalStox broker has worked hard to offer the opportunity to its investors to trade cryptocurrencies. It is understood the fact that many brokers are hesitant to propose this asset because of the risk trigger. 

You might be astonished to learn that RoyalStox broker is now offering you the chance to do investments in the cannabis stocks and this is something that only on RoyalStox you will find it available. This is a new market and many traders are interested in investing in cannabis as it turned out to be very lucrative.

RoyalStox Offers The Most Flexible Trading Platform

As a trader or investor you need to know the fact that an online broker and its trading platform contribute both to your success or on the contrary to your failure. That’s why it is essential for you to pick the right online broker that provides its traders an efficient and adaptable trading platform. If the broker has a great platform and if he is also good in terms of fees or products and markets then it means that everything is ready for the investor to get started his online trading. 

Another advantage for the trader when joining RoyalStox broker is that he will have the possibility to get access to MetaTrader 4 and downloading on his desktop computer. This platform is one of the most outstanding, helpful and requested online trading platforms, not to mention that you can travel with it wherever you want. The MetaTrader 4 platform offers the option to traders to customize their individual preferences so that it works exactly in the way they want to. This trading platform has also a web version which provides the same trading experience and it allows you to sign in from any device you want no matter where are you right now.