Top 6 Benefits of Learning Trading at Trademy


The trading world is a diverse one and comprises of a number of markets. When you decide to become a trader, you will have the option of trading in the stock market, forex market or even deal in cryptocurrencies now. These markets are quite competitive, but can offer plenty of returns due to which they are so attractive to aspiring traders. However, it is essential to understand that trading is a sensitive activity and even the smallest movements can also lead to huge losses. Some people decide to take the risk and begin trading believing they can learn from experience. But, in this way, you can end up losing a lot of capital and not everyone can afford to so.

So, what should be done? The simplest solution is to get some trading education as this can help you understand the market and minimize the risks while boosting the chances of success. The best part is that with the advent of the internet everything has become accessible right from the comfort of your home. This means that you can learn everything there is to know about trading online by using a reliable education forum. This is where Trademy comes in as this platform has been in the world of trading education since 2009. 

Trademy has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of the unique approaches they have taken to teach and guide aspiring traders about the ins and outs of the market. These methods have proven to be very effective thereby contributing to the success of Trademy. Some of the benefits that traders enjoy when they choose Trademy for their learning are: 

Benefit 1: Easy to understand and detailed lessons 

One of the greatest benefits of Trademy is that its lessons are different from the other platforms. Most other education centers also have videos and ebooks, but these use complicated words and jargon that can often be difficult to comprehend for new traders. Plus, some also find the lessons boring and dry. This is one problem that you don’t have to deal with at Trademy. The experts and mentors have designed easy to understand yet thorough lessons that explain everything in detail. The videos are also fun and interesting and can instill clear concepts. 

Benefit 2: Short quizzes for testing knowledge 

You are taking lessons regularly, but how can you know what and how much you have learnt? Here again, Trademy has made it easy to assess skills and highlight areas where traders need more attention and practice. Quizzes are taken regularly and short tests are also conducted after completing lessons to see exactly how much has been understood. Students are also awarded honors such as medals and badges for achievements, which can motivate them to study harder. 

Benefit 3: Experience the real market 

An important benefit that Trademy has to offer to its students is the opportunity to get a first-hand look at how the market functions. Sure, there are tons of platforms out there that have demo accounts on offer and can be used for practicing various strategies and what not. However, these demo accounts cannot replicate the actual conditions of the market. Therefore, Trademy gives traders the chance to access a Live Trading Room where they can talk to the experts and ask them questions about anything. Newbies can watch professional traders conduct transactions and see how they use numerous tools and market charts for decision making. They can also see the trading strategies being utilized and the kind of results being generated. Plus, networking is also made easier as students can interact with skilled traders as well as other students. 

Benefit 4: Availability of different courses 

Even though there are a number of trading platforms, the problem is that they all offer similar courses, which are not only costly, but not that useful. As a matter of fact, most beginners struggle with them because these courses require you to have some basic knowledge already. Some platforms have very complicated courses whereas others have short and simple ones that don’t really teach much. Again, here Trademy stands out because it offers courses for every level of trader. From beginners to semi-skilled and expert to professional, you can find courses for every level and take one that suits you. 

Benefit 5: Guidance of expert mentors 

One of the greatest appealing factors of Trademy that has enabled it to attract the attention of a lot of people is the number of skilled mentors on the platform. Whether you are a new trader or a seasoned one, the guidance and expertise of these mentors can help you in refining your strategies and acquiring new skills that can aid you in achieving your goals. Why are these mentors different from those on other platforms? Trademy has hired people who have had years of experience in financial market and have numerous accomplishments in same. 

There is Elif Kundaci who began working in the financial industry in 2005 and is now well-versed in various financial products like commodity-related derivatives, investment funds and equities. She is a great mentor because she knows and understands market movements quite well. There is also Simon Vexler who is part of the finance industry for the last 16 years and is a specialist in banking, forex, treasury, sales, compliance, cash management and business development. Traders can benefit from his unique knowledge and skillset. 

Benefit 6: Compatible with multiple devices 

Today’s world is technology centered and it has become the norm for people to use a multitude of devices. Desktop PC users have declined as smartphone, tablet and laptop use has increased. This changing trend has been adopted by Trademy and they have ensured that their platform and lessons are compatible on all these devices for the convenience of their patrons. Thus, you can continue your studies no matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet. 

With Trademy, you also get to use the latest trading tools and can get the right education for achieving success in the trading world.